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World Changers
transforming the world together
This could change your LIFE
The World Changer Mentor Vault is a $127 Monthly Value
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The World Changer Mentor Vault gives you 24/7 access to hours of PROVEN tips and strategies that help you navigate out of confusion, know EXACTLY how speak to prospects, overcome fears, build your confidence and help you build a THRIVING business and residual income!
WHY World Changers?
My deepest passion is to equip an army of transformed people living out their unique purpose in this world. 


I know from extreme experience what it's like to struggle as a confused, burnt out workaholic who's lost sight of priorities. In fact, my wife Kim and I LOST EVERYTHING... 

A few days before Christmas in 2003, my wife and 4 children stood in our driveway as the repo man towed away our 2nd vehicle. As my heart sank into my chest, my oldest daughter, who was four-years-old at the time looked up to me and asked...
It was this moment that made me realize that I had to overcome my FEAR AND EXCUSES. This crucial turning point is what helped me create a simple system that allowed me to personally enroll 500 people in one year, even on part time hours!

My team duplicated to over 40,000 people the following year, I became the number 1 income earner in my company, and many of the people on my team also become top earners.

If there's ONE thing I know and ONE mission we're on, it's teaching others how to leverage that same exact simple system and build a lasting business so they can have a life and focus on the things that matter MOST to them!

When we create a movement of people doing friend, I truly believe we can change the world!

Let me help you crush fear, implement a simple, duplicatable system that will leverage your time and help you create total freedom in your life! Partner with me and become a WORLD CHANGER today!
Be A Part of the World Changer Movement!
$1 could change your life
You Could Literally Be Just A Few Small
Tweaks Away From Your Own
"Six Figure" Breakthrough...
like Jen Springer...
Tom's Most Popular World Changer Mentor Call of 2018
($97 Value)
World Changers are calling this is Tom’s best coaching call in 10 years!
Our gift to you! 
Access Game Changing Tools:
that will transform the way you build your business and help you create wealth while having a life!
$127 Monthly Value
$497 Value
$47 Monthly Value
Unlimited Value!
Become a World Changer Today
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Coaching Vault
World Changers
transforming the world together
Breakthrough ON DEMAND
Hone your skill in any specific area you want breakthrough in by listening to over 50 hours worth of Tom's best coaching.

Listen on your schedule and at your pace and increase your skill for growing your business.

Topics include…
  •  Recruiting
  •  Closing
  •  Handling Objections
  •  Mindset
  •  Leadership Development
$127 Monthly Value
Become a World Changer Today
...and Start Listening Instantly!
Getting Started System
World Changers
transforming the world together
Say 'Buh-Bye' to hours, weeks and months of  babysitting and wishing brand new team members would just do something already.
Say 'Hello' to the FASTEST system to get your team into full on Rock Star mode.
It's as easy following our simple process to get enroll someone and then plugging them into this proven system.
Included in the Getting Started System
  • Getting Started Video
Tom Challan will personally train your new team member which means your entire team is getting the highest quality coaching and equipping experience within MINUTES of starting their business with you!
  • 3 Step Map PDF
These are the "scripts" and the words to say to almost ANY prospect so your team members are prepared with most effective business building methods on DAY ONE!
  • Launch Checklist
To make sure every vital step in launching a successful business is covered! Imagine every new team member INSTANTLY armed with a clear game plan!
$497 worth of proven training to your brand new team members
Private Community
World Changers
transforming the world together
Be Part of the TRIBE
The World Changers family is more than just another group...

It is like having immediate access to the most supportive, helpful, and caring dream team - there to help you and cheer you on.
Consider World Changers Your Extended Upline
As a World Changer you get an instant invitation to this private community to see the momentum first hand and jump in as part of this incredible team.
$47 Monthly Value
Become a World Changer Today
...and Start Listening Instantly!
World Changers
transforming the world together
Unlimited Value
Earn exclusive rewards when you share the World Changers System with your team. In other words, you get rewarded for real life duplication and results!

No selling, no pitching, just share your personal rewards link and we'll get your team plugged in to world class coaching and mentoring for you!

Rewards Include:
  •  Destination Retreats
  •  Advanced Mentoring
  •  Leverageable Co-ops
  •  Special Recognition
  •  Insider Announcements
Become a World Changer Today
...and Start Listening Instantly!
$1 could change your life
You Could Literally Be Just A Few Small Tweaks Away From 
World Changers
transforming the world together

Leverage a System

Save hours every week by sending people through a process that turns prospects into leaders

Know Exactly What to Say

Never be unsure of what to say again with our time tested scripts and easy to follow map system

Attract Qualified Leaders

Spend less time with unqualified prospects and work more with people who are excited to get started with you

Build With Confidence

Know the clear and simple game plan to build your dream income machine

Increase Your Income

Have a solid stream of income so you can realistically afford every part of your dream life

Duplicate Effortlessly

The World Changer system will help raise up leaders in your personal team who grow with or without you

Free Up Time

Learn how to cut back your hours while still increasing your income

Lead a Championship Team

Become the leader your team and company needs to truly make an impact in the world

Outsource Training

Fire yourself from being the "expert" by putting your team in front of a duplicatable system that can raise up leaders for you

Community Support

Plug into a 24/7 community of like minded entrepreneurs 
Become a World Changer Today
...and Start Listening Instantly!
World Changers
transforming the world together
World Changers 1 (Vault)
for 10 Days Access to the World Changers Vault
  • Limited Time Exclusive Rate
  • World Changers Vault ($127 Monthly Value)
  • Private World Changers Community ($47 Monthly Value)
  • Getting Started System ($97 Monthly Value)
  • World Changer Rewards Program (Unlimited Value!)
  • $271+ Monthly Value!
Limited Time Bonus:
MP3 of Tom's Most Popular World Changer Mentor Call of 2018
World Changers are calling it Tom’s best coaching call in 10 years
you gotta listen to it!
$97 Value!
Become a World Changer Today
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World Changers FAQ's...
  • How Long is the $1 trial?
The $1 gives you full access to our World Changers 1 (Vault) for 10 days. After 10 days you will be charged $27 per month unless you contact us at least 2 business days prior to cancel.
  •  Am I Locked In To A Contract or Long Term Commitment?
Nope! You can stop your World Changers membership at any time.
  •  How Long Do I Have Access To The Vault?
You can listen to the vault mp3's 24/7 for the life of your World Changers membership.
  • Any Other Questions?
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